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About openaidsearch is a joint effort by Zimmerman & Zimmerman &

Zimmerman & Zimmerman is an opendata and data visualisation company based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands . They where responsible for developing the concept, the design and the technical development of

What data can I find on openaidsearch?

This platform extracts all the raw IATI data published by the organisations publishing IATI from the IATI registry, and presents it on the platform by providing an easy-to-use web interface. It does not alter or interpret the data in any way. Using a search engine and a variety filters users are provided an interface that makes it easy to find and explore IATI activities.

Why is open data important?

Transparency of development aid enhances the effectiveness and quality of development aid. Governments of developing countries are able to plan better when they have access to accurate and up-to-date information about aid flows into their countries. Citizens in developing countries can hold their governments accountable for the spending of aid. The Dutch public gets a better picture of how public  money is spent.

The value of open data is greatly increased if it can be compared and added up internationally. The International Aid Transparancy Initiative (IATI) aims to do just that – to develop an international standard for the publication of aid data.

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